Letter from Jack: of all trades

Dear focused,

You look at me condescendingly because you think I lack focus
You judge and ridicule me because you think I’m a “jack of all trades”
But the problem is that you don’t understand what I go through
You wake up everyday with one passion in mind (that’s if you have any), one goal, one purpose
You’ve only ever wanted to be or do a couple of things so it’s easy to choose a path.

Now, imagine you have a thousand roads before you and you know that any of those roads you take could lead to success.
Imagine there were 100 cars that could take you to your destination and you love all hundred of them
Imagine that your heart beats for this, then that, then this again, then the other, then that, imagine…
Imagine you are passionate about 10 more things than you are now, imagine you love to do so much more than you do now.
Imagine you have one vision, then two, imagine a division of your dreams, how would you feel?
How would you feel knowing that there are at least 5 awesome, mind-blowing things you could do and kick ass at?
How would you feel knowing that you have to shut all that down to choose one, and “be focused”?
How would you feel if You had to choose only one of your 7 fantastic kids to live?
How would you feel?

Now this may not make you fully understand what goes on within me daily, but it should help a bit.
So next time you look at me in that smug condescending manner with eyes riddled with judgment & ridicule, just remember…
That there is a world of limitless possibilities in me, constantly fighting for a chance to survive and incessantly pulling, calling and demanding my attention
Just imagine that…

Yours Undecidedly and Yet Passionately

Jack, of all trades.

…For all the Jacks out there who can relate. Don’t relent, don’t give in, keep fighting, being from the tribe of “all trades” come with grave responsibilities, but you can handle it, you (may) think you can’t, but you can. And you will master it, maybe not perfect it, but you will tame it, you will ride it, and in time you will fly with it.

Keep moving Jack, it’ll get clearer, not necessarily easier, but clearer!

Grace & Peace!

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