Still thinking of a title for this…


When you take a thought and think about it until it either becomes too big or too small to be of any real help.

A disease? Flaw? Stronghold? Strength?

No matter the subject, using the word “over” usually connotes an excessive use of something. It always gives a “this is a little more than needed” type of vibe. That’s how I see “overthinking”.

Worrying is like being in a race and running backward.

Overthinking is like rocking a chair or treading a mill so hard and expecting it to actually take you somewhere.

THINKING is Great, you should know I’m crazy about it. Thinking might seem casual, simple, not sufficient, but believe me, it is. You consider the nature of things, the merits, the cons, the alternatives, the why, the how and whatever else is necessary. Overthinking however, is thinking about the same things with a warped, hazy and unsure mindset.

You’re not more productive by overthinking, you are simply overworked.

Breathe in, breathe out, it’s that simple, if it wasn’t meant to be, there’d probably be a lot of steps to breathe, but it’s symbolic of how life should be. Don’t complicate yours.

Hint: When overthinking comes knocking, it usually carries anxiety in its carry-on.

See this post yeah, you get it. If it speaks to you, you know, don’t doubt it, don’t overthink it. Just decide to trust yourself and your mind enough to move on when you feel like and pause when prompted to.

You can’t out think your mind, it knows its stuff.

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