I wish I didn’t have to.

It sucks to have to choose between two (or more) things you absolutely want to have.

Opportunity cost. Alternative forgone.

It gets easier with age. That’s a myth. We just find ways to deal, all the while suppressing feelings of anger and the innate human nature of (having) insatiable desires.

Having to choose between options, knowing that choosing one means losing the other will never suddenly become easy to do. But unless we come to terms with the fact that life has its foundation on such choices, we will keep getting utterly frustrated.

You can’t be poor and rich at the same time, can’t have joy and sorrow at the same time, you can’t have a kid and not have one at the same time, logic negates those. Having to choose sucks, but that’s what makes life what it is at the end of the day.

The element of freedom, the ability to choose what we (truly) want. Freedom of will, freedom of choice.

We are Architects of our fate, no? Let’s be honest, it sucks to have to choose, but otherwise, how do we direct our lives in the direction of our (true) desires?

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