One man’s Junk – food.


Fight or Flight? Safety or Satisfaction? Fear or Fulfilment? Hot Dogs or Burgers? (Not sure how that got in there).

I vibe with the idea that what is most important is self preservation, but the meaning of self preservation is where it gets interesting- on various levels – to different people.

Hamza sees self-preservation as being safe, and living a loooong and good life. To Ogechi, self-preservation is more about the quality of life, the richer the better for her, length isn’t a major player.

Our idea of self-preservation is a good indicator of what drives our mindset, choices and priorities. We are (subconsciously) influenced by it.
Because at the end, we all want to survive and thrive and that’s really what it’s all about.

When you think of Living: Self-Preservation, (Pizzas, Ice cream flavors) and all that good stuff, what speaks to you the most?

2 thoughts on “One man’s Junk – food.

  1. For me, Self-Preservation is getting one more step ahead of myself. I most recently think a lot about how I may not make it to forty – not that I am terminally ill or something – I just have this feel right in my face, that there’s not enough time to get there, whatever the chase is! so, finding someone to love & telling it to them, showing a little kindness to some stranger, talking to someone about life, making a face smile, all that gets me out of myself is self-preservation. There’s no better place to be than in people’s hearts, I think. lol.

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    1. This is so apt! Being intentional about the now makes the whole so much richer and worth it. You might end up living past 40, but the difference would be the impact you’d have made at that point in time and the quality of life, because you’ve been living everyday like it’s your last, so death has nothing on you! Thanks a lot for sharing?


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