Not a Target!

The woman is not a target, she’s not a mark on a wall waiting for a man to aim shoot and score

The woman is not a game, she’s not something to beat around the bush with and take home at the end.

The woman is not for show, she’s not a piece of jewelry you acquire to showcase your achievements.

The woman is not a medal, she’s not a feather to your cap, no she’s a crown, do not put her down.

The woman is not a sole, she’s a-head, constantly forging on to stay un-defeeted.

The woman is not a consequence, she’s not a result of culture, social construct or peer pressure.

The woman is an idea, a beacon, a melody. She’s indestructible, she sets the pace and plays the tune

The woman is a beacon, let her light shine, let her truth thrive, let her wings fly, let her smiles glow, let her radiance show, let the world know… That the woman is many things, but the woman is NOT a target.

©Ebube Agu

Dedicated to Woman Crush Wednesday, Women’s History Month and all the Wo/Men out here fighting for the rights of Women. Here’s to you!

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