Michael Jordan or Clint Jericho?

In these days of heightened brand awareness, there are certain things we might want to keep in perspective.

Packaging is of huge importance. Naming is quite key. I believe that!

Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King Jr. Michael Jordan. Mother Theresa.

It’s amazing that for every one of those names mentioned, something came to your mind about them, about what they did. their life’s work, their legacy. But guess what? Michael Jordan could have been named Clint Jericho. You may not fancy the name, but whenever the name is mentioned, you will remember the legacy (of who we now know as Michael Jordan).

If you must necessarily choose between one of the two, what would you say makes a brand a “brand”? What it calls itself (packaging)? or What it actually does (content)?

What really makes you you? What you choose to call yourself (/your stuff) or what you are known to consistently do?

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